Polarization Control Platform
Discontinued NRT-2500

Polarization Control Platform


Alternative Products: MPC-201 Multifunction Polarization Controller, POS-203 Polarization Stabilizer

The Luna NRT-2500 is a versatile Polarization Control Platform, offering multiple built-in polarization control functions for optical transponder, device and sub-system development and manufacturing.

Product Description

Luna's industry-leading polarization control platform combines an integrated-optic Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3) waveguide polarization-controller device for super-fast polarization response driven by customizable digital signal processors and field programmable gate arrays (DSPs/FPGAs) for full functional flexibility. Together they enable Luna to provide an unprecedented seven polarization operations in one product.

  • Key Features
    • Paddles (Set Polarization) - Full polarization control by rotating any of the 5 electro-optic 1⁄4-wave plates to achieve the desired SOP setting with high accuracy, repeatability and resolution.
    • Scrambler - Uniform polarization scrambling with full Poincaré Sphere coverage and user-selectable Rayleigh distribution scrambling rates.
    • Depolarizer - A single-speed, ultrafast random scrambling mode to reduce the degree of polarization (DOP) of the measured signal or to introduce an extremely fast ΔSOP Impulses for lightning simulation and loop testbeds.
    • Spinner - Superfast SOP rotations/scrambling up to 940,000 rad/sec for characterizing the new generation  coherent  PM-QPSK  transceivers.
    • Tracker - Fast, robust, and endless polarization tracking with no dropouts or ‘glitches’.
    • Acquirer - Acquirer is the automated ‘smart’ paddles mode to drive the SOP to maximize or minimize a feedback signal.
  • Specifications
    Insertion loss< 3dB
    PDL< 0.3 dB
    Optical return loss> 50dB
    Optical power handling<20 dBm
    Operating wavelength1.55 microns (C- and L-bands)
    Optical connectorsFC/UPC, FC/APC, SC
    Scrambling mode (SOP speed distribution) parameters2rmodeb0.5  < 3,400 radians/second, with <r> 1.25 rmode, rmax~3.76 rmode
    Enhanced spinner mode rate75kHz (or >470,000 rad/sec for SOP aligned in S1-S2 plane)
    SOP slew speed~1.4 microseconds (up to 1,500,000 rad/sec)3
    Tracking speed (closed loop in tracking mode)~20 microseconds4
    Power supply12 VDC from 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz wall AC-DC converter
    Communication interfaceEthernet, RS-232
    DimensionsH=4.04" (102.6mm)
    W=10.12" (257mm)
    D= 12.32" (313mm)

    2 For a Rayleigh distribution: rmode is the statistical mode of the distribution, <r> is the mean SOP change, and 99.9% of all SOP changes occur before rmax=3<r>~3.76 rmode

    3 For π/2 radian SOP transitions in 1μs.

    4  This speed is feedback/update algorithm loop time based on reading A/DCs and DESP speed and updating polarization controller voltages. The feedback signal level and customization of the algorithm  may slow system response. 

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation
  • Applications
    • Optical Polarization Demultiplexing
    • PMD tolerance testing of transponders
    • Optical polarization demuxing
    • Testing electronic pol-demux
    • Optical PMD compensation
    • Coherent detection
    • Detector calibration
    • Ultrafast ∆SOP/∆t event generation
    • Power combining

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