Luna ODiSI 7100
ODiSI 7100 Series

Optical Distributed Sensor Interrogators

The ODiSI 7100 Series is an innovative measurement system specifically designed to address the test challenges of 21st century advanced materials and systems.

Product Description

The ODiSI 7100 Series provides thousands of strain or temperature measurements per meter of a single high-definition fiber sensor. The ultra-high resolution data can fully map the contour of strain for a structure under test or the continuous temperature profile of a process in real time.

The sensor is flexible, low profile, requires no electrical source and can be bonded to sharply curved surfaces, embedded within structures or mounted directly to electrical surfaces.

The ODiSI system captures strain and temperature data with unmatched spatial resolution and precision, delivering valuable benefits for measurement and control applications:

• Capture details not available with conventional point sensors or other fiber optic sensing technologies
• Real-time data from demanding environments and difficult-to-instrument locations


  • Key Features
    • High-definition distributed sensing — thousands of measurements with submillimeter gage pitch
    • Real-time multichannel system with each channel supporting up to 100 m of high-def sensing fiber
    • Flexible, lightweight and easy-to-install sensors reduce time to first measurement
    • Passive, corrosion resistant, dielectric sensors go where other sensors can’t — in bends, corners, embedded inside materials
    • Long sensor life — no drift or recalibration, cycle counts
  • Applications
    • Characterize strain in new materials and complex structures
    • Profile temperature in-situ to maximize the efficiency of critical processes
    • Measure two- and three- dimensional strain fields to validate FE models
    • Evaluate multi-material joining
    • Detect small cracks and defects in critical structures
    • Embed sensors within materials to create thousands of strain or temperature “smart parts”
  • Specifications

    The ODiSI system delivers the highest definition distributed temperature and strain sensing available, giving you maximum insight and visibility into your component or process.

    Number of channels per system Up to 8 channels
    Max sensor length (per channel)Standard mode20 m
    Extended range100 m
    Max gage pitch Up to 20 m sensors0.65 mm (1,538 gages per meter)
    100 m sensors2.6 mm (384 gages per meter)
    Strain measurement range +/- 15,000 ue
    Max standoff cable length (connects instrument to sensor) Up to 200 m per channel
    Data interface Ethernet


    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

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