Testing Fiber Optic Networks and Assemblies

Aerospace and Avionics Fiber Optic Testing

The adoption of high-speed fiber optic networks into sophisticated aerospace systems and avionics continues to accelerate.Avionics testing

The deployment of these relatively short and complex networks in demanding environments introduces a new set of challenges for the test, diagnostics and maintenance of these critical systems. 


OFDR Measurements with Sub-Millimeter Resolution

Luna’s Optical Backscatter Reflectometer (OBR) products are based on OFDR and provide a level of detail and precision not available with the prevailing fiber optic diagnostic tool - the optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR).  OBR systems map out loss along a single-mode fiber (SMF) or multi-mode fiber (MMF) network with sub-millimeter spatial resolution and is able to detect fault locations with unprecedented precision.  

Portable and Rugged for Field Maintenance

The ability to quickly diagnose aerospace and avionic networks in the field is essential for efficient asset management. The OBR 6225 delivers uncompromised OBR resolution and sensitivity in a system that is ideal for measurements in the field.  Battery powered, compact and equipped with an intuitive touchscreen user interface, the portable and rugged OBR 6225 delivers the fiber optic test capabilities you need where you need them.

OBR technology


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Fiber optic network test products

Fiber Optic Network Test

Fiber optic network test products

Fiber Optic Network Test

Test and characterize fiber optic cables, assemblies and network with unmatched speed, precision and spatial resolution. Luna’s OBR reflectometers can analyze loss with a spatial resolution and sensitivity unmatched in the industry.