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Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs)

Fiber optic gyroscopes (FOGs) have many important applications in navigation and positioning systems, angular velocity sensors, stabilization equipment, and recently, in autonomous vehicle guidance backup systems for GPS-inaccessible areas. In an optical gyroscope, two counter-propagating optical beams are brought into interference in a Sagnac interferometer after travelling around a fiber-optic loop. The gyroscope system determines the rotation rate by measuring the net phase difference between the two beams, which is proportional to the rotation rate.FOG Coil Winding

A high performance fiber gyro system must be able to accurately detect phase differences due to rotation, while minimizing or being able to compensate for phase differences due to other sources, such as temperature effects. In a FOG system, the sensing element is an optical fiber coil. Minimizing causes of phase errors in the coils reduces design complexity and improves the performance of the entire system, and increasing coil uniformity aids in standardization for mass production.

Luna has established a set of test and measurement standards to ensure consistent production of high-quality FOG coils for low, medium and high-end navigation and strategic systems.

Luna offers a range of components and services for manufacturers of FOGs, including:

  • Complete FOG coils with different fiber types (Panda, Tiger, Bow Tie)
  • Extra small coils using 100um and 135um fiber (standard is 165um fiber)
  • Customized size and length
  • Different wavelengths: 1550, 1310, 830 nm
  • Framed and frameless coils
  • Shupe mitigation services
  • Mounting services
  • Winding service with customer supplied fiber
  • Complete IOC or Coil characterization


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Luna offers a complete line of high performance active and passive fiber optic modules and components for a wide range of fiber optic systems, including interferometric systems for fiber optics sensing, fiber optic gyroscope (FOG) and optical coherence tomography (OCT).