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Luna Innovations Announces $35M Debt Facility

Replaces Previous Debt Facilities

Luna Innovations to Present at the East Coast IDEAS Conference

Luna Innovations to Present at B. Riley Securities 22nd Annual Institutional Investor Conference

Luna Innovations Reports First-Quarter 2022 Results

Latest From Our Blog

Luna’s Solutions for Quantum Communications

Cyber attacks on sensitive data are increasing at an alarming rate with the annual cost of cybercrime reaching $10.5 trillion by 2025. In this environment, ultra-secure communication links are needed more than ever. Quantum communication technology is positioned to solve this problem. 

High-Definition FOS Delivers the Detail for Bridge Structures

High-definition distributed sensing (HD-FOS), combined with rugged Nerve-Sensors, tackle the challenge of detecting cracks and monitoring the structural health of bridges and critical infrastructure assets. Learn more about this solution for structural preventative and monitoring efforts.

Improving the Safety of Building Structures with Fiber Optic Sensing

Through continuous monitoring of stress, strain, cracks, displacement, tilt and vibration, fiber optic sensing systems can provide advanced warning of growing structural problems and reduce the risk of failure. By leveraging the many benefits of fiber optic sensing, these systems can remotely monitor critical structures affordably and reliably.

Temperature Measurements Get Hotter with New Probes for the HYPERION

Luna has expanded the capabilities of the HYPERION fiber optic sensing platform with the addition of a family of high-temperature multipoint probes ideal for industrial applications. 

Latest Events

How to Capture High-Definition Temperature and Strain Measurements

This live, in-person seminar in Farmington Hills, MI will provide an up-close overview of fiber optic sensing solutions for design validation, testing and manufacturing. Live demos and technology tutorials highlight this seminar with application examples in battery testing, structural testing for lightweight materials, and condition monitoring. Register today!

OFC 2022

OFC 2022 | March 8-10, 2022 | San Diego, CA | Booth 2921

Webinar: Fiber Optic Polarization Control Technologies for Emerging Applications

This webinar surveys the available polarization technologies, the advantages and limitations of each, and how to choose the best technology for application-specific polarization requirements. It also explains advanced control modes—such as scrambling, tracking, stabilization, depolarization, and randomizing—and how these functions are implemented with different polarization technologies. Practical examples are given to show how polarization controllers can be applied to build or test modern photonic systems.

TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo

Luna Labs to Present Emerging Technologies for Aerospace at TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo in Washington, DC

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