Tunable Laser Source
Discontinued PHOENIX 1400

Tunable Laser Source


The PHOENIX 1400 incorporates Luna’s high-performance PHOENIXTM tunable laser and driver in a benchtop package. 

Product Description

The PHOENIX 1400 Tunable Laser Module incorporates Luna’s miniaturized, tunable external cavity laser in a benchtop package. The PHOENIX laser is driven by a control circuit optimized for low noise and highly linear swept performance appropriate for a variety of fiber optic test, measurement and sensing applications.

Application software provides users with simple but effective control of the laser, and provides for monitoring of the wavelength, power the two user-accessible optical receivers. 

  • Key Features
    • Full C-band tunability
    • Integrated wavemeter wit sub-picometer accuracy
    • Smooth, linear scans
    • Narrow linewidth, low noise
    • External triggering
    • USB interface
  • Specifications
    Mode hop free tuning range 1515 - 1565 nm
    Wavelength set point resolution 0.01 pm
    Absolute accuracy 1.5 pm
    Wavemeter accuracy 0.5 pm
    Tuning rate 1 to 1000 nm/s
    Spectral line width 1.5 MHz
    Output power 8 - 10 mW

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

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