Luna Delivers Large Infrastructure Monitoring Projects Leveraging New Sensing Capabilities

(ROANOKE, VA, December 22, 2021) – Luna Innovations (NASDAQ: LUNA), a global leader in advanced optical technology, today announced a new powerful structural health monitoring solution for the mining industry to monitor tailings dam structures. Combining Luna’s industry-leading systems for both distributed sensing and discrete sensing, the new solution is more comprehensive and economical than alternative systems.  

Tailings dams are large, earthen structures put in place to contain tailings ponds, which hold toxic by-products from the mining process. Tailings dams have unfortunately experienced a poor safety record in recent years, with several notable collapses that have caused severe disruption, massive costs, and even loss of life.  Luna’s newest fiber optic sensing solutions have recently successfully been installed on a major tailings dam project in North America to provide continuous monitoring to ensure the safety and stability of the structure for years to come.    

Luna’s innovative monitoring solutions, which have now been deployed in Canada, Brazil and Asia, help mining operators mitigate risks by providing an early warning of a potential issue.  “Our deployments in tailings dams are a clear example of how Luna’s breadth of fiber optic capabilities combine to deliver a more comprehensive and effective solution to help ensure the safety of infrastructure like tailings dams,” said Luna’s President and CEO, Scott Graeff. “With thousands of such dams around the world, Luna is pleased that our initial deployments throughout the globe are successfully operational and actively monitoring these critical structures.”

In December of 2020, Luna acquired distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) capability with the acquisition of OptaSense.  Throughout the course of 2021, the OptaSense products were improved and integrated with Luna’s legacy fiber optic sensing solutions resulting in significant new capabilities for long-range monitoring of critical infrastructure.  The tailings dam monitoring solution combines distributed acoustic and strain monitoring acquired from OptaSense with Luna’s discrete point monitoring systems based on fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensors. The result is a comprehensive system able to monitor major events throughout an entire site while also able to look inside structures at critical parameters which can be precursors of potential events, such as pore pressure and spot inclination. This integrated structural health monitoring solution is also applicable to many other infrastructure projects beyond tailing dams such as bridges, tunnels and other major structures.

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