Polarization Measurement System
Discontinued PSGA-101A

Polarization Measurement System


Replacement Product: Optical Vector Analyzer (OVA 5100)

The PSGA-101A is a polarization measurement instrument that measures all polarization related properties of light, including SOP, DOP, DGD, SOPMD, PDL, and PER.

Product Description

The PSGA-101A system consists of 3 main parts: a tunable laser, a polarization state generator (PSG) that can generate the 6 basis polarization states commonly used for measurement, and a polarization state analyzer (PSA) to perform the polarization measurements. The PSG and PSA are based on patented magneto-optic polarization generation and analysis technology that enables extremely accurate measurement of polarization dependent loss (PDL) and polarization mode dispersion (PMD) vs. wavelength. In addition, the PSGA-101A can perform other measurements such as state of polarization (SOP) and degree of polarization (DOP) monitoring, polarization extinction ratio (PER) measurement, Mueller Matrix measurement of devices or components, and birefringence measurement in spun fiber.

The 3 component modules can be used independently or in combination for different measurements. The internal C band tunable laser enables measurement of PMD up to 10 ps, but the PSGA can also be used with external lasers for measurement of larger PMD values.

Solutions and Applications

Fiber optics

The PSGA-101A is useful for any application that requires extremely accurate PMD and PDL measurement, PER measurement, or circular birefringence measurement. Applications include system and component PMD/PDL characterization, PM fiber connector characterization (PER, angle, connector stress), and spun fiber birefringence measurement.

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