Temperature Measurements Get Hotter with New Probes for the HYPERION

The os4500 multipoint probe
The os4500 multipoint probes include either 10 or 20 sensing points along the probe.

Luna has expanded the capabilities of the HYPERION fiber optic sensing platform with the addition of a family of high-temperature multipoint probes ideal for industrial applications. The os4500 Series are stainless steel probes rated to measure temperatures up to 500 ˚C or 700 ˚C and provide either 10 or 20 discrete measurement points distributed throughout the 1 m or 2 m probe. The probes also have the ability to pair with other parameters on the same platform, such as strain, displacement, and acceleration, among others.

While standard fiber optic sensors based on fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs) are typically limited to medium range temperatures, the os4500 employs a specialized FBG technology based on femtosecond laser inscription to provide stability and accuracy in high-temperature applications.  Now, more industrial processes and high-temperature environments can reap the many benefits of multipoint fiber optic sensing, including reduced cabling, reduced volume, fast response times and EMI immunity.

Chemical reactors
Chemical reactors benefit from multipoint probes to monitor temperature distribution throughout the vessel.

For example, a single os4500 multipoint probe can be used to monitor the heat distribution throughout a tube reactor to optimize control of the reaction in high-temperature conditions, up to 700 ˚C.  Compared to standard multipoint thermocouple probes, the os4500 probes save valuable reaction space and install more easily with a single optical fiber connection to the HYPERION interrogator. The os4500 probes operate in a plug-and-play fashion with the HYPERION interrogator and ENLIGHT software.

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