Polarization Controller

Multifunction Polarization Controller

The MPC-202 and MPC-203 are multifunction polarization controllers with higher speed scrambling and polarization transition functions designed for stress testing of coherent receiver systems.

Product Description

The MPC-202 and 203 are multifunction polarization controllers specially designed to meet the requirements of coherent receiver performance tests. They combine fiber squeezer polarization controllers with proprietary polarization control algorithms to achieve a wide range of polarization control functions.

The MPC-203 has a polarization scrambling function with a maximum state of polarization (SOP) change rate of up to 11 Mrad/s for SOP tracking speed tests.

The MPC-202 has polarization scrambling and square wave transition functions with a slew rate of up to 360 krad/s for polarization tracking speed and recovery time tests.

Both units also have manual polarization control, modulation, and other scrambling functions similar to the MPC-201.

Solutions and Applications


The MPC-202/203 have functions specifically designed for system polarization stress tests. Other applications include recirculating loop experiments, real-fiber SOP variation emulation, PDL and DOP measurement, and system polarization dependence experiments.

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