Polarization Diversity Detector

Polarization Diversity Detector

The PDD-001 Polarization Diversity Detector combines a high ER polarization beam splitter with matched photodetectors to simultaneously monitor the powers of both polarization components of a signal.

Product Description

The PDD-001 integrates polarization-splitting components with photodetectors in a compact, durable package that can easily be mounted onto a circuit board. It provides real-time monitoring of polarization changes with high detection sensitivity, high extinction ratio, high reliability, and small size.

  • Key Features
    • High detection sensitivity
    • High extinction ratio
    • Compact
  • Specifications
    Wavelength range 1310, or 1550±75nm
    Detection sensitivity (each channel) 0.95 A/W (1550nm)
    0.90 A/W (1310nm)
    Extinction Ratio >40 dB
    RL 55 dB, excluding connector
    Detector rise/fall time <10 ns with 50Ω load at −5V bias
    Detector capacitance 18 pf typical
    Detector dark current <0.20 nA at −5V bias at 23°C
    <20 nA at −5V bias at 70°C
    Max. reverse current 5 mA
    Max. forward current 45 mA
    NEP 8.42 x10 −15 W/√Hz

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The PDD-001 provides a simple method for monitoring polarization change and the balance between polarization components of a signal.

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