Measuring polarization maintaining fiber
Discontinued PXA-1000

Distributed Polarization Crosstalk Analyzer


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The PXA-1000 Distributed Polarization Crosstalk (X-Talk) Analyzer measures distributed polarization cross-coupling in highly birefringent materials such as polarization maintaining (PM) fiber and birefringent waveguides.

Product Description

The PXA-1000 is based on an enhanced white light interferometer whose design eliminates the strong zero-order interference and reduces the multi-coupling interference common in traditional white light interferometers, both of which can cause “ghost” peaks in the measured signal. The removal of the “ghost” peaks enables the PXA-1000 to unambiguously identify the magnitudes and locations of actual crosstalk peaks, resulting in higher measurement sensitivity, higher dynamic range, and higher spatial measurement accuracy.

It measures space-resolved stress in polarization maintaining (PM) fiber by analyzing stress- induced polarization crosstalk, enabling the location of imperfections or areas of local stress inside PM fiber coils, including any stress from the winding process.

In Y-branch waveguides, it can characterize the alignment of pigtail fibers, as well as contributions to the polarization extinction ratio (PER) from features inside the waveguide.

Solutions and Applications


The PXA-1000 provides accurate measurement of the magnitude and location of polarization crosstalk in PM fiber and other birefringent materials. Applications include characterization of PM fiber, PM fiber coils, and IOCs for fiber gyros.

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