Fiber coils
FC Series

Fiber Gyro Coils

FC series coils are high performance fiber gyro coils constructed with specialized potting adhesive, winding techniques and process controls, and available with extensive test data.

Product Description

The FC series of fiber gyro coils are available with lengths of 50 meters to 5 kilometers and
diameters of 15 millimeters to 120 millimeters. Coils can be made with many different types of
SM and PM fibers. The frameless coils are constructed with proprietary potting adhesives to
ensure reliability. Coil patterns available include quadrupole and octupole patterns that minimize the Shupe effect and consequent performance degradation of Sagnac gyros under temperature-varying conditions.

Additional Shupe effect mitigation is available to further improve the temperature and vibration performance of the coils. Moreover, mounting service is available upon request to maintain the coil performance for high demanding applications.

The FC series is available with complete test data including polarization cross-talk vs. distance for PM fiber coils; and PDL vs. temperature and PMD vs. temperature for SM fiber coils.

  • Key Features
    • Low polarization crosstalk (PM)
    • Low PDL and PMD (SM)
    • Thermally and vibrationally stable
    • Different winding patterns available
    • Advanced process controls
  • Typical Specifications
    Operating wavelength 840, 1060, 1310, or 1550nm
    Winding induced IL < 0.2 dB/km
    PER > 24 dB over full temperature range
    PER temperature variation2
    (−40 to +80°C)
    ±2 dB
    Max. polarization crosstalk2

    < −50 dB at 25°C

    < −45 dB over full temperature range

    Number of polarization crosstalk peaks above −55 dB2

    <15 at 25°C
    <30 over full temperature range
    Average polarization crosstalk2

    < −68 dB at 25°C

    < −55 dB over full temperature range

    Max. bias error3

    No Shupe mitigation: < 2 degrees/hour typical peak-to-peak
    Level I Shupe mitigation: < 1 degree/hour typical peak-to-peak
    Level II Shupe mitigation: < 0.5 degrees/hour typical peak-to-peak
    Level III Shupe mitigation: < 0.25 degrees/hour typical peak-to-peak

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.



  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The FC series fiber gyro coils are intended for high-performance fiber gyros. They can be made with different fibers, dimensions, and winding patterns to suit specific applications.

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