T-Ray® 5000 Series

HXC55yn Online Sensor

The HXC55yn is a high-performance online sensor head for the T-Ray® 5000 terahertz system with full transceiver functionality. 

Product Description

The HXC55yn Online Sensor Head takes the robustness of the T-Ray® 5000 terahertz system to a new level with the ability to operate in industrial environments. Reflection measurement
of thickness, multi-layer thickness, and basis weight are easily acquired. A variety of lenses are available to adjust the measurement spot size and working distance.

The transmitter and receiver are securely mounted inside the sealed metal housing. The umbilical for the transceiver, containing the electrical and optical connections, is constructed
with high flex rated electrical cable to allow for continuous scanning.

When connected to a T-Ray® 5000 Control Unit, the HXC55yn will provide excellent waveform response, capable of providing detailed reflection measurement of layered surfaces. The “y” and “n” in the model number correspond to the focal length of the lens, and the type of terahertz transmitter, respectively. For “y” = 4 for 75mm lens and 5 for 150mm lens. For “n” = 1 for a Type 1 transmitter and 2 for a Type 2 transmitter.

  • Key Features
    • Full transceiver functionality
    • Collinear design
    • Low cost plastic lens
    • Hardened case for industrial environment
    • Use to measure layer thickness
    • Use to produce scanned images
    • Single high flex umbilical
    • Variety of focal lengths available
    • Capable of being cleaned
  • Applications
    • Industrial process control: commercial roofing; paint thickness; plastic extrusion; asphalt shingles
    • Nondestructive materials inspection: aircraft; packaged goods; radome inspection; spacecraft; pipeline repairs
    • Converting applications: paper coating; multilayer films; tire
  • Specs
    Polarization Extinction Ratio > 20:1      (Horizontal)
    Available Lens Focal Length 25, 75, 150, coll.    mm  (Other lens available on request)
    Beam Diameter 40 mm
    Mounting Hardware 1/4 - 20 Threaded mounting holes
    Operating Temperature Range 0 - 50 °C     (20 - 90% RH non-condensing)
    Size (W x H x D) 128 x 66 x 178 mm
    Weight 1.6 kg

    For full specifications and drawings, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The T-Ray® 5000 terahertz measurement system is robust enough to be deployed in an industrial environment and has all of the flexibility to solve your measurement application.

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