Optical Delay Line

Motorized Optical Delay Line Module

The MDL-002 family of motorized variable optical delay lines provides optical path length adjustment of up to 560 ps in single-pass configuration. Driven by a DC motor with an integrated encoder, the MDL-002 has a delay resolution of less than 0.3µm (1 fs).

Product Description

The MDL-002 is a fiber coupled delay line with the delay adjustment path in free space. It is driven by a DC motor with integrated encoder, and combines delay ranges of up to 560 ps single pass with scan speeds of up to 256 ps/s. Three configurations of the MDL-002 are available: 1) an integrated unit for use on the bench, 2) a two-piece unit with the optical head and control unit separated for installation into customer equipment, and 3) an OEM version that replaces the control unit with a miniature controller board.

All three versions can be remote controlled via RS-232. The standard controller unit also has an integrated keypad and LCD display. The delay line is available with either single mode or PM fiber pigtails.

  • Key Features
    • Long delay range
    • Multiple controller configurations
    • Scan speed up to 256 ps/s.
    • Compact
  • Specifications
    Center wavelengths (λc )

    SM, single pass: 1310/1550 dual window, 1060, or 840nm

    SM, double pass: 1310 or 1550nm
    PM, single pass: 1310, 1550, 1060, or 840nm

    Wavelength range λc ±50nm
    Optical delay range

    Single-pass: 330 ps or 560 ps

    Double-pass: 1120 ps

    Mechanical position accuracy ±3µm single pass
    ±3µm double pass
    Mechanical position repeatability ±3µm single pass
    ±3 µm double pass
    Optical delay resolution 0.3µm or 1 fs per encoder count, single pass
    0.6µm or 2 fs per encoder count, double pass
    IL 1.0 dB nominal (1310/1550nm single pass)
    1.5 dB nominal (840nm or 1060nm single pass)
    1.5 dB nominal (1310 or 1550nm double pass)
    IL variation over delay range ±0.3 dB (330 ps model)
    ±0.5 dB (560 ps model)
    ±0.7 dB (1120 ps model)

    For full specifications, please download the data sheet.

  • Documentation

Solutions and Applications

The MDL-002 is useful for optical path adjustment of up to several cm. Applications include optical coherence tomography (OCT) and other interferometric systems, multichannel path matching in laser systems, and network optical length control and timing alignment. An MDL can be used in conjunction with a fiber stretcher or phase shifter for coarse and fine delay adjustments.

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