Luna’s Lossless Optical Polarization and Phase Control Technologies: Empowering the Revolutionary Quantum Computing Market

In the realm of quantum computing, where innovation is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible, photonics has emerged as a promising technology. By utilizing the properties of light, photonics quantum computing offers a new approach to harnessing the power of quantum mechanics for solving complex computational problems. Photonics quantum computing leverages the unique properties of photons and particles of light to encode and process information. By leveraging superposition and entanglement, where qubits become interconnected regardless of distance, photonics quantum computing can perform computations at an unprecedented speed and scale.

A fiber-based interferometer is one of the building blocks needed in optical quantum computers. Due to the random birefringence in fiber and the surrounding environment turbulence, the polarization and phase of the interfering photons continuously change, leading to degradation of interference visibility. Controlling the polarization and phase is undoubtedly essential to achieve high-visibility interference and improve the system-level performance. Luna’s fiber-based squeezing technology (PCD-M02 & POS-002) for controlling polarization, as well as the fiber stretching technology (FPS-001, FPS-002, FPS-003 and FST-001) for adjusting phase, are being adopted by researchers and scientists because of their low optical loss and high performance, which are essential for a successful implementation of quantum computers.

To empower this new Quantum revolution, Luna offers a complete line of Photonics Modules for Quantum Applications:

  • RIO Lasers:  The low-noise, narrow linewidth RIO Lasers play a vital role in photonics quantum computing by providing stable and precise laser beams (linewidth < 1 KHz) needed to manipulate and control qubits, extending coherence time, and enabling high-fidelity quantum operations.
  • Fiber Phase Shifters/Stretchers: Loss is detrimental to quantum computers and may lead to decoherence, and hence, the loss of quantum superposition and entanglement properties. Luna’s fiber shifter technology uses fiber as a medium along with piezoelectric technology to stretch fiber and control the phase of the passing photon without degrading the optical loss, up to 3 mm (in air). 
  • Fiber-optic Time Delay Coils: Luna has extensive knowledge and techniques to ensure winding SM fiber coils with low loss bending loss and precise length/delay with tight tolerance. Such time delay coils serve as Quantum Memories in quantum computers, as well as a slow-phase drift compensation actuator.
  • Polarization Controllers: Luna’s fiber-based squeezing PCD technology comes with the lowest insertion loss on the market (< 0.05 dB), allowing customers to control, manipulate, and correct for any polarization drifting in their system. 
  • Polarization Trackers/Stabilizers: Luna’s patented algorithm is combined with fiber-squeezing-based polarization control technology to automatically stabilize polarization drifting and minimize polarization fading in interferometric systems (< 0.1 dB)
  • Motorized Delay Lines: For systems that could tolerate higher insertion loss (< 1dB), Luna’s wide selection of motorized delay lines (MDL-002 and MDL-003) adjust the delay with high speed and resolution, compensating for optical path mismatching up to 560 ps delay range.

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